Privacy Policy of this site

Profili is committed to protecting your data.

Privacy Policy of this site

Information on the processing of personal data of users of our website pursuant to art. 13 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679

Pursuant to Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (hereinafter “Regulation”), this page describes the methods for processing the personal data of users consulting our website. This information does not concern other websites, pages or online services that can be reached via hypertext links published on our site but referring to resources outside our domain.

Data Controller

While using our site, data relating to identified or identifiable natural persons may be processed.

The data controller is Profili SRL, via Rodi 27, Brescia VAT no . 03230400172 mail

Legal basis of the processing

The personal data referred to in this information are processed in execution of the user’s request to use the contents of the website by logging in. The processing also takes place on the basis of the user’s consent, expressed for example through the tools on the home page of our site with reference to cookies (see options on the banner).

Types of data processed and purposes of the processing

Navigation data

The computer systems and software procedures used to operate this site acquire, during their normal operation, some personal data whose transmission is implicit in the use of Internet communication protocols.

This category of data includes IP addresses or domain names of computers and terminals used by users, URI / URL ( Uniform Resource Identifier / Locator) addresses of the requested resources, the time of the request, the method used in submit the request to the server, the size of the file obtained in response, the numerical code indicating the status of the response given by the server (successful, error, etc.) and other parameters relating to the operating system and the user’s IT environment.

Data communicated by the user

The optional, explicit and voluntary sending of messages to the contact addresses of the controller involves the acquisition of the sender’s contact data, necessary to reply, as well as all personal data included in the communications.

The compilation of the application form (in response to specific offers or spontaneously) by users interested in job positions (candidates) entails access to the JobOnAir platform. This platform processes the personal data relating to the application on behalf of Profili, which is the sole data controller. JobOnAir also automatically acquires information relating to the access and use of the platform by the candidate, in relation to which it assumes the role of third party and therefore of independent data controller. The JobOnAir privacy policy is available at the link at the bottom of the application form.

Cookies and other tracking systems

For our cookie policy and to know the types of cookies we use, we invite you to see the specific information that can be reached at the following link ” Cookie Policy “.

Data recipients

Some designated subjects, pursuant to Article 28 of the Regulation, as data processors may become recipients of the data collected while consulting our site. For the list of these subjects, the data controller can be contacted by written communication.

The personal data collected are also processed by the controller’s staff, which processes data on the basis of specific instructions provided regarding the purposes and methods of the processing itself.

Rights of data subjects

Data subjects have the right to obtain from our company, in the cases provided for, access to personal data and the correction or cancellation of the same or the limitation of the processing or to oppose the processing (articles 15 et seq. of the Regulation), by sending a specific communication to the data controller.

Right of complaint

Data subjects who believe that the processing of personal data referring to them carried out through this site is in violation of the provisions of the Regulation have the right to lodge a complaint with the Supervisory Authority, represented by the Garante della Privacy, as required by art. 77 of the Regulation itself, or to take appropriate judicial actions (Article 79 of the Regulation).


Candidates’ Personal Data Information

Information provided by Profili srl on the purposes and methods of processing the Candidates’ Personal Data

Pursuant to and for the purposes of art. 13 EU Reg. 2016/679 ” European Regulation on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data ” – the company Profili srl, legal seat legale in Brescia, cap 25124, via Rodi 27, CF e P.IVA 03230400172 (“Profili “, the “Company” or “the Data Controller”), in its capacity as Data Controller (subject responsible for the decisions regarding the purposes, methods of processing personal data and the tools used, including the security), discloses the following information in relation to the processing of personal data of candidates.

1.Purpose of processing

The collection and processing of personal data are aimed at:

a) the carrying out, by the controller, of the research, selection and evaluation of personnel, as a subject authorized by the Ministry of Labor, in the interest of the candidate and the client based on specific assignment by subjects, organizations, individual enterprises, professionals and corporate clients, as well as other research&selection agencies, for the purpose of establishing an employment or collaboration relationship. The candidate’s data are collected and processed in relation to the specific search and selection process for which they were delivered, but also to ensure the candidate future employment opportunities originated by possible future assignments conferred by the clients to the Data Controller. As a company authorized by the Ministry of Labor for personnel research and selection activities, the Data Controller carries out the processing for the identification of suitable candidates to cover one or more job positions within the client’s organization and therefore needs to carry out a plurality of activities such as: the analysis of the organizational context of the client organization; the identification and definition of its needs; the definition of the skills and capacity profile of the ideal candidate; the planning and implementation of the candidate search program through a plurality of recruitment channels; the evaluation of the profiles identified through appropriate selective tools; the formation of the most suitable shortlist of candidates. In particular, the purpose to present candidates with possible future job opportunities through their career makes it appropriate to keep and update the data relating to the candidates in the database of the Data Controller for a reasonably extended period of time;

b) the management of administrative-accounting processes and the fulfillment of legal obligations.

For the aforementioned purposes, essentially common data will be processed (e.g. contact details, personal data, tax, salary data, professional career details). If communicated spontaneously by the data subject or if requested for specific research campaigns (for example, relating to workers included in protected categories), data of a special categories could also be processed (for example, relating to health, diseases, accidents, as well as data relating to membership of trade unions or political parties). In any case, the processing of these categories of data by the Data Controller does not conflict with the provisions of Law no. 300/1970 (so-called Workers’ Statute), of Law no. 135/1990, of Legislative Decree no. 276/2003 (“Biagi Law”) and with the rules on equal opportunities or aimed at preventing discrimination.

2.Legal basis of the processing

For the purposes referred to in point 1 a) the legal basis of the processing is:

– the performance of a contract to which the data subject is party or in order to take steps at the request of the data subject prior to entering into a contract, pursuant to art. 6, paragraph 1, lett. b) of the Regulations, consisting of adhering to specific research campaigns or the request to be in the Data Controller’s databases in order to take advantage of job opportunities or professional growth;

– in the case of the processing of data belonging to special categories (for example in case of a research for employment of subjects belonging to protected underprivileged categories or subjects with special needs), the legal basis of the processing is also represented by the need to fulfill or exercise specific rights of the data subject regarding labor law and social security and social protection, pursuant to art. 9, paragraph 2, lett. b) or for preventive medical purposes pursuant to art. 9, paragraph 2, lett. h);

– the legitimate interest of the data controller and clients, pursuant to art. 6, paragraph 1, lett. f) of the Regulations. It is believed that none of the data processing activities of your personal information could harm individuals in any way; candidate’s data processing for research and selection purposes allows the data controller to offer a personalized, timely and effective service, beneficial to the data controller, the client and the candidate. The Data Controller, as an authorized organization for search and selection of personnel, and clients have in fact the legitimate interest in carrying out the processing activities provided for in this information, including the retention of the candidates’ curricula for a period sufficient to guarantee a plurality of potential candidates for each new position requested by the client. The processing activities carried out also respond to a significant interest of the candidate, who can count on the possibility of being contacted also for new professional opportunities. The retention of candidate data in the Data Controller’s databases, carried out with suitable technical and organizational measures, promotes effective and dedicated research and selection action and also contributes to the pursuit of the public interest in full employment.

For the purposes referred to in point 1 b) above the legal basis of the processing is represented by the need to comply with legal obligations to which the Data Controller is subject (provided for by corporate, tax and labor law) pursuant to art. 6, paragraph 1, lett. c) and the legitimate interest of managing internal processes pursuant to art. 6, paragraph 1, lett. f) of the Regulations.

3.Data collection

Data are collected by delivery to the Data Controller (through the specific form on the Data Controller’s website, by means of tools in third party websites or social media used by the Data Controller, or directly from the data subject during the selection and interview) by the data subjects regarding information relating to their professional background, also as a curriculum vitae (“CV”).

The delivery of CV by the data subject can be:

a) a spontaneous application by traditional mail, e-mail or other means not originated by the Data Controller. In this case, the candidate is invited to acknowledge in the CV that he has read this information by the following statement: ” the undersigned declares to have read the information on the website

b) a reply to specific job offers on behalf of clients published by the Data Controller on any means of communication, on its website or on third-party websites. Also in these cases, the Data Controller will take care about delivering the information;

c) filling out the form on the Data Controller’s website by selecting the ” Send your spontaneous application ” option.

To guarantee the maximum confidentiality and avoid unpleasant contacts for candidates with companies or groups or unwelcome subjects, candidates are invited to indicate, at the same time as submitting their application, the subjects they do not wish to get into contact with, clearly specifying the wording “CONFIDENTIAL”.

In other cases, the data could be communicated to the Data Controller by third parties, who have legitimately acquired them (e.g., other research and selection companies) or collected by the Data Controller from publicly available sources (e.g., websites or social media).

4.Principles and methods of data processing

The processing of data will be based on the principle of transparency, will take place in compliance with the rights of the data subjects and will be implemented using tools, including automated ones, suitable for guaranteeing security and confidentiality.

The data will be adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary with respect to the purposes for which they are processed, accurate and updated; will be processed with the utmost confidentiality, in compliance with the principles stated by the Regulation, any prescriptions issued by the Supervisory Authority and in any case in such a way as to guarantee adequate security, including protection, with adequate technical and organizational measures, from unauthorized or unlawful processing or even accidental loss.

The processing can be carried out on paper, as well as with the aid of automated and electronic tools.

5.Communication of data and subjects authorized to data processing

For the aforementioned purposes, personal data may be disclosed to: clients of the Data Controller, public or private, who have given the Data Controller the mandate to carry out research, selection and evaluation of personnel in their favor and interested or potentially interested in establishing a job relationship; other research and selection agencies, on the basis of collaboration agreements that envisage specific obligations regarding the confidentiality and security of personal data.

For the specific purposes referred to in this information, personal data may also be communicated to subjects pursuant to current legislation or by virtue of administrative measures within the limits necessary for the purpose (eg: INPS, INAIL, Territorial Inspectorate or National Labor Office, Tax Agency, public administrations, social security and assistance funds).

For the purposes referred to in this information and as strictly required in relation to the selection procedure or in-depth assessment of the personnel, the personal data of the data subject may be processed by authorized persons or data processors duly instructed and contractually bound to comply with adequate technical and organizational measures aimed at protecting the data communicated to them. The updated list of data processors and authorized persons is kept at the Data Controller’s registered office.

6.Transfer of data abroad

Personal data will not normally be transferred outside the European Economic Area. If this should be necessary (for example, if the Data Controller uses data storage services outside the EEA or in the case of search and selection procedures involving foreign partners of the international network Intersearch), this transfer will be carried out according to the provisions provided by the Regulations and will be communicated to the data subjects.

7.Duration of Processing

The data will be stored for the time strictly necessary to pursue the purposes for which they were collected; therefore, at least until the conclusion of the selection and research procedure for which they were delivered. The Data Controller may keep the data even later, if he believes that there are still processing needs connected with:

– the procedure concluded, also in order to preserve evidence regarding the correct fulfilment of the contract concerning the research and selection activities carried out. In this regard, reference is made to the 10-year limitation period provided for by art. 2946 Italian Civil Code for contractual liability;

– to achieve the purposes indicated in this information, and also considering the legitimate interests of the Data Controller and the clients, in particular that of guaranteeing an effective research and selection activity that can promptly rely on a sufficiently large database of profiles, also in consideration of the clients’ business sectors and the restricted local areas in which the Data Controller operates, it is considered reasonable not to indicate a specific duration, but to provide for the retention of candidate data as long as there are reasonable job opportunities.

The Data Controller will in any case delete the CVs or any document containing personal data deemed non-compliant or no longer necessary for the purposes referred to in this information.

8.Rights of the data subject

The data are available to data subjects in an intelligible format so that, at any time, she/he will be able to know the origin, purpose and methods on which the processing is based, to obtain access to them, to update them, the rectification, integration, cancellation, transformation into anonymous format, limitation of processing, to arrange for the blocking of data processed in violation of the law and to obtain a copy of it in a structured format, commonly used and readable by an automatic device or to transmit such data to another data controller without impediments.

You can exercise these rights towards the Data Controller by sending a communication to the e-mail address

You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the Supervisory Authority, represented in Italy by the Garante per la Protezione dei Dati Personali. For information in this regard, please refer to the website of the Garante at .

9.Equal opportunities

Profili conducts personnel selection processes by pursuing equality between workers and not discriminating against candidates of one or the other sex, in compliance with current legislation.


Profili operates in compliance with the code of professional ethics adopted by C.R.E.SC.IT.A. – Italian Association of Companies and Firms for Personnel Research and Selection ( ).

11.Authorization to exercise the profession

Profili is a company authorized by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies to deliver professional services of Research and Selection of Personnel with Protocol 2862/RS dated 29.01.2007.

Companies Policy Information

Information pursuant to art. 13 EU Reg. 2016/679 (GDPR) on the processing of personal data acquired through the website


Profili Srl (hereinafter also Profili) is a company operating in the human resources industry, offering research and selection services, training and consultancy, aiming to bring out and optimize internal potential, helping to increase the competitiveness of its clients in the market.

In consideration of the specific area of activity, Profili considers the protection of the personal data of its stakeholders (such as clients, candidates, employees, suppliers and partners) a strategic key for achieving its mission.

For this reason, Profili has organized itself to fulfill and adhere to the principles and provisions set out in EU Regulation 679/2016. In all the processings carried out as Data Controller, Profili ensures that the data are:

1. processed in a lawful, correct and transparent manner towards the data subject (“lawfulness, correctness and transparency”);

2. collected for specific, explicit and legitimate purposes, and subsequently processed in a way that is not incompatible with these purposes; further processing of personal data for archiving purposes in the public interest, for scientific or historical research or for statistical purposes is not, in accordance with Article 89, paragraph 1, considered incompatible with the initial purposes (“purpose limitation”);

3. adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary in relation to the purposes for which they are processed (“data minimization”);

4. accurate and, if necessary, updated; all reasonable measures must be taken to promptly delete or correct inaccurate data with respect to the purposes for which they are processed (“accuracy”);

5. kept in a form that allows the identification of the data subjects for a period of time not exceeding the achievement of the purposes for which they are processed; personal data may be kept for longer periods provided that they are processed exclusively for archiving purposes in the public interest, for scientific or historical research or for statistical purposes, in accordance with Article 89 (1), without prejudice to the implementation of technical measures and organizational requirements required by the Regulation to protect the rights and freedoms of the data subject (“conservation limitation”);

6. processed in such a way as to guarantee adequate security of personal data, including protection, by means of adequate technical and organizational measures, from unauthorized or unlawful processing and from accidental loss, destruction or damage (“integrity and confidentiality”).


In order to achieve the aforementioned principles, Profili organizes its activities and its organization by adopting suitable technical and organizational measures, and subjected to periodic review by the management regarding their effectiveness and efficiency in ensuring the achievement of the purposes for which have been prepared.

The preparation of the measures and their periodic review with a view to continuous improvement are ensured by the Company also by being supported by external consultants with proven professional skills.


Profili srl, with registered office in Brescia, cap 25124, via Rodi 27, VAT number 03230400172, as Data Controller of the data collected through its website, provides data subjects with the following information pursuant to art. 13 of EU Regulation 2016/679.

Spontaneous contacts with the Company

If any interested professional subjects spontaneously contact the Company using the appropriate form in the section, Profili will use their personal data for the following purposes:

a) to respond to the request of the interested professional subject, also by providing information on the Company and the services provided;

b) to send commercial and / or promotional and / or informative communications.

For the purposes referred to in point a), Profili informs interested professional subjects that their data (name, surname, contact details, other personal data included in communications) will be processed limited to the need to process the requests and for the time strictly necessary, which can be determined on the basis of the specific request. In the event of requests for information which the Company deems not to follow up, any data of the interested professional subjects will be deleted without delay. The legal basis for the processing of the data used for the purpose referred to in point a) is the request by the professional subjects to be contacted by the Company (Article 6 paragraph 1 letter b. GDPR).

For the purposes referred to in point b), the personal data of the professional subjects will be processed until the consent is revoked by the subject. The processing referred to in point b. is based on the consent of the professional subject (Article 6 paragraph 1 letter a. GDPR).

The data will be processed only by the Data Controller and by data processors, using both paper and electronic tools. For the list of these processors, the Controller can be contacted by written communication. The personal data collected are also processed by the Data Controller’s staff, who act on the basis of specific instructions regarding the purposes and methods of the processing.

For candidates: please do not send curriculum vitae or application requests by using the generic form at, but only use the specific form in the section

Any data relating to applications not submitted through the dedicated channels will be deleted.


As party of the processings carried out by Profili, the data subjects will always have the right to obtain from the Controller access to his personal data, including confirmation of the existence or not of personal data and to obtain the relevant supply in intelligible and portable form. In particular, the data subject will have the right to obtain:

  1. a) indication of the origin of the personal data;
  2. b) an indication of the purposes and methods of the processing;
  3. c) an indication of the logic applied in case of processing carried out with by electronic instruments;
  4. d) updating or rectification and integration of data;
  5. e) the deletion of data or the limitation of the processing of data (transformation into anonymous form, blocking of data processed in violation of the law, including those that do not need to be kept for the purposes for which the data are been collected or subsequently processed);
  6. f) the right to obtain the confirmation that the updating, rectification, integration, cancellation operations have been brought to the attention, also as regards their content, of those to whom the data have been communicated, except in the case in which such fulfillment proves impossible or involves the use of means manifestly disproportionate to the protected right.

The data subject also has the right to object to the processing, even if only in relation to specific purposes, and to request data portability.

The data subject has the right to withdraw consent to the processing of personal data at any time, by simple written communication. In cases where consent constitutes the sole legal basis of the processing, the withdrawal of consent will no longer allow the use of personal data. In any case, the withdrawal of the consent to the processing does not affect the lawfulness of the processing based on the consent given before the withdrawal.

The data subject has the right to lodge a complaint with the Supervisory Authority, represented in Italy by the Guarantor for the Protection of Personal Data. For information, the data subject is invited to consult the website of the Guarantor at .

For further information relating to the privacy of Profili srl, please read the Privacy Policy.

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