Resources yes, but “Human”.

For Profili, fairness, confidentiality and respect for professional ethics are of great importance.


Our consultants are distinguished by their ability to base every professional relationship on trust and mutual respect. By choosing us as a Recruiting Partner you will be assured that all information relating to your company and your person will be treated with strict confidentiality and in compliance with the privacy regulations.

Resources yes, but “Human”

Even before being candidates or clients, people are individuals and we treat everyone with respect and humanity.


Information concerning the activities, personnel and intellectual property of client companies and all correspondence and contacts of any kind are treated with strict confidentiality.

Profili pays the utmost attention to the protection of the image, the professionalism and the anonymity of the candidates, aware of the great influence that the activity of Research and Selection can have on the professional and private life of individuals.

Privacy Policy

Careful procedures and constant monitoring activities allow us to operate in full compliance with the regulations in force and to protect the right to privacy of companies and candidates.

Conflicts of interest

Verified internal procedures prevent Profili’s Consultants from being influenced by economic or personal interests.


We do not discriminate against anyone, all candidates are evaluated according to objective parameters in order to guarantee the highest standard of impartiality.


We ask for references only with the consent of the candidates.

Unique nature of the application

We evaluate each application in relation to the specific Selection for which the candidate is being considered and for only one position at a time.

Process transparency

We share with clients the procedures and methodologies used in each Research and Selection process.Profili ensures that eash position offered is actually available and suitable and does not contact candidates with false purposes.


We undertake to always give feedback to all candidates evaluated or presented to the client regarding the outcome of the Selection.

The consultants in charge carry out post-employment monitoring activities with regard to the resources inserted.

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